Outlook for 2015

Dear readers.

A happy new year from the learned mediator. And thank you for being followers, supporters, and fellow explorers of my shared mediation experiences.

This year, I will try to offer a more nuanced understanding of mediation in complex settings. This shall be done through the following activities, initiatives and writings:

1. Sharing my lessons learned from current deployments (Darfur and Nigeria amongst many others);

2. Sharing my research on gender and mediation, specifically my research project on bringing top female mediators voices to the public fore;

3. Sharing of case studies for further exploration of mediation outcomes.

As we start off into a tumultuous 2015, let us explore on how to bridge the gaps, voicing stories, and establishing common ground between various interests through the use of mediated processes and mediation competence.

Looking forward to your comments and support.



Author: nakawashi9

International mediator, professor, corporate trainer!

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