Legitimacy and resilience in national dialogue processes


Dear reader.

Great to see that you are checking back in.

This time, I wanted to share with you a picture from the 28th annual conference of the International Association for Conflict Management, IACM, held in Clearwater, Florida.

My dear friend and colleague, Professor Mark Whitlock, was there in mind and spirit, yet I was able to propose good arguments to take a renewed look at a joint research project, focusing on understanding the dimensions of legitimacy of political actors and resilience of local actors in national dialogue processes. Based on variables of effectiveness, legitimacy and resilience, we are able to explore options to sustain national dialogue processes.

While I will be sharing with you further infos and documents, it has been an interesting journey, understanding the legitimacy as a variable is a contested issue, that no one has ever tried to scale up resilience from the local to the national level, and that national dialogue is an elusive concept.

There is a lot to do and we are therefore investigating 6 cases: Mali, Yemen, Colombia, Myanmar, South Sudan and Central African Republic.

Stay tuned…

Author: nakawashi9

International mediator, professor, corporate trainer!

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