Mediation expert with OSCE


Welcome back!

Just wanted to share that I have the honor and the privilege to having been selected to the OSCE Mediation and Dialogue Expert roster, vetted and verified.

As a consultant, I be will working under the general supervision of the Deputy Director of the Conflict Prevention Centre for Operations Service and in close co-operation with the OSCE Mediation Support Team. Specific tasks may be developed based on a given assignment. The consultant will be tasked with:

  • Liaising with the CPC/Operations Service Mediation Support Team to provide tailor-made expertise supporting OSCE mediation, dialogue or crisis response efforts;
  • Providing expertise that is relevant in mediation processes, including gender responsiveness, mediation and dialogue process design, power-sharing, management of natural resources, national minorities, ceasefire arrangements;
  • Supporting the work of high-level OSCE representatives leading mediation, dialogue and crisis response efforts;
  • Designing and conducting interactive training, coaching and retreat sessions related to mediation and dialogue facilitation;
  • Preparing background notes on mediation and dialogue-related topics;
  • Reporting on the specific assignment as well as identifying future needs;
  • Of course, any other relevant tasks, as needed.

I am looking forward to the challenge, to working with colleagues, and to provide my best to a constructive outcome of peace processes.

About nakawashi9

International mediator, professor, corporate trainer!
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