Political mediation – working on a new book

Dear reader.

Welcome back! And welcome to a new year of adventures, insights, and harnessed difficulties.

Since the calls have multiplied themselves to the point that I can no longer ignore them, I have decided to launch myself into a new venture: the publication of a book on political mediation. Though I will be leaving out the name of the publisher and the date of the launch, I can share that it is close to a peer-reviewed process.

It is supposed to place itself in the category of action learning, thereby increasing the availability of books in the field of mediation and international relations that link the personal experiences to a body of literature and qualitative research. Thus, it will be accessible for professionals and students alike, while not entirely leaving out some relevant domains of research and future scenarios.

I am excited about the opportunity and I will keep you abreast of the developments as soon as something tangible is coming your way.

All the best,


Author: nakawashi9

International mediator, professor, corporate trainer!

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