The international mediator – available in local New York bookstore

It is with great pleasure and humbleness that I can share that my book is not only available through Amazon, but also at Book Culture in New York City, close to Columbia University.

The International Mediator – A Handbook is a popular and unacademic approach to understanding the intricacies of what it means to be working as an international mediator. It offers a brief conceptual overview, a phased approach, and, something that students and practitioners alike appreciate, a case study on the various Sudan mediations.

Currently it is available only in English language and in hard copy. By the end of this calendar year, a Portuguese, a French, and a Russian version will be available. For 2019, an Arabic and Spanish translation will also be made available. Moving forward, a second edition and an E-Book with interactive features will be available as well.



Author: nakawashi9

International mediator, professor, corporate trainer!

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