The “learned mediator” is connected to a host of organizations, networks, coalitions and individuals, providing expertise, experience, knowledge and training in conflict resolution, conflict management and conflict transformation.

Being a political adviser, mediation adviser, professor and trainer in the international relations arena, I can provide the following expertise and services:

  • Mediation and mediation support, incl. cease-fire, security arrangements, natural resources mediation, extractive industries, gender and process design
  • Peacebuilding and national dialogue, incl. conciliation, reconciliation, dialogue, and community engagement
  • Capacity development and skills enhancement, incl. curriculum development, knowledge management, handbooks and manuals, mentoring, coaching and online learning environment
  • Monitoring and evaluation, incl. donor evaluations, program evaluations, monitoring, measuring, training and course evaluations

In the commercial context, I can offer the following expertise, experience and services:

  • Project management, incl. projet consultancy, feasibility studies, strategic management, and project financing
  • Negotiation expertise, incl. change management, business negotiations, communication skills, and training
  • Cross cultural communication, incl. advisory services, intercultural training, communicating across cultures, training on the job, coaching
  • Industries: Automotive, extractive (mining) industries, biopharmaceutical, and consumer products

Please inquire for more at <> should you wish to learn more about the range of services the “learned mediator” can provide you with.

Fellow at BRICS Policy Center, Global South Unit for Mediation

Mediation training in Rostov-on-Don, Russia

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