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Political Mediation in Modern Conflict Resolution: Emerging Research and Opportunities (2018), ISBN13: 9781522551188; EISBN13: 9781522551195, IGI Global. 





OSCE Workshop on Mediation within the Framework of Women, Peace and Security, Vienna, Hofburg, November 8th, 2017, Title: “Women mediators in Track I Processes in the Mediterranean environment, examples from Morocco, Tunisia, Iraq, and lessons learned from Syria”.

Midwest Political Science Association, Annual Conference, April 5th – 9th, 2017 – two full papers: “Political mediation in intrastate conflicts” & “The Africanization of democracy – Elections and conflict prevention”

Conference Report (2016): The Legacy of Armed Conflicts: Southern African and Comparative Perspectives, in: Africa Spectrum, 51, 3, 123–134.

6th INTERNATIONAL BIENNIALE ON NEGOTIATION, Novancia Business School, Paris, November 16 to 18, 2016, paper titled:’Political mediation – Challenges and Opportunities’ and, with Ratha Khuon: ‘The Africanization of Democracy – Elections and Conflict Prevention’

International Workshop on the legacy of armed conflicts Southern African and comparative perspectives Pretoria, 28-29 July 2016, paper titled: ‘Mediating international conflict – Challenges and opportunities’

International Association for Conflict Management 29th Annual Conference, New York, Columbia University, June 26th – 29th, 2017, paper titled: ‘Political Mediation – Lessons Learned from 4 Case Studies’

SIETAR France Congress, Frontiers & Identities: Navigating worlds in motion. Workshop, titled: ‘Getting it done – Informal Power and Personal Leadership’, France,, Oct 29th – Nov 1st, 2015

Hostilities, Reconciliation, and Intervention through Dance, University of Maryland, Chaired Panel Discussion, October 23, 2014.  Guests were Deborah Heifetz, and Shawn Lent

19th Annual Conference of IAPTC, 2013, Keynote speech : “Coping with change – the future of peacekeeping training and learning”, BIPSOT, Bangladesh, 28th – 31st Oct. 2013

Lecture: Peacebuilding 2.0: Applying Complexity to Harness Complex Post-Conflict Settings, Nov 1st, 2013, Columbia University

EDULEARN13, 5th International conference on education and learning, Annual conference, July 1st – 3rd, 2013: Mediation in the trenches – Feedback loops for mediation training,

International Association on Conflict Management, Annual Conference, July 11th – 14th, 2012: From Fear to a Common Future – 25 years of Conflict Management, Title of Practitioner Workshop: ‘Linking Peacemaking Assets to Peace building Resources – a Mediation Continuum’,

Geneva Peacebuilding Platform Retreat: Safe Communities – Resilient Systems? March 25th – 27th, 2012, Geneva, Switzerland,

Columbia University, School of Continuing Education and School of International Public Affairs, “Entangling the Knot – Linking Peacemaking Assets to Peacebuilding Resources, Dec. 2nd, 2011

Fondazione Interculturale, Conference on Cosmopolitanism and Education, April 7th – 9th, 2011, Title of workshop: ‘Social conflict resolution and intercultural dialogue’,

SIETAR France, Lille. Congress on Human Rights and Diversity: From Civil Society to Organizational Practices, Oct 27th – Oct 30th, 2010, Title of 3-day workshop: ‘Social Conflict, Conflict Resolution and Intercultural Dialogue’,

Worldbank, Washington, Title of Speech: ‘Consensus-Building in Conflicts about Natural Resources’, May 2010

Toastmasters83, New Jersey, Spring conference, Title of Workshop: ”Negotiations 101”, Ramada Conference Center, Hanover, NJ, May 15th, 2010

Toastmasters46, New York, Spring Conference, Title of Workshop: “Negotiations 101”, Columbia Uni Faculty House, May8th, 2010,

Columbia University, SIPA, Title of Workshop: ‚Negotiating Across Cultures – An overview of Theories and Practices’, March 11th, 2010 Benjamin Cardozo School of Law, Conflict Resolution Day, Title of Workshop: ‚The Importance of ADR in International Dispute Resolution’, Febr. 3rd, 2010

Center for International Conflict Resolution, SIPA, Columbia University, Conference on Conflict Resolution in the Balkans, Title of Paper: „Tackling the Issues of Environmental Resources in Initial Crisis Response – a Mediator’s Reflection, Jan. 29th, 2010 Association for Conflict Resolution, Greater Chapter of New York, Annual Conference at Fordham Law School, Title of Workshop: „The 9Fields Model – A Model for Effective Mediation“ (CLE),

“Commercial Mediation in Russia – Overview and Recommendations”, Paper presented during “Entrepreneurs and Lawyers for Mediation”, organized by Southern Federal University, Rostov, Russia, Department of Economical Studies and Trade Chamber, Oct 4th, 2009

“Mediation – Focusing on Active Listening”, 2-Day-Mediation Master Class, Southern Federal University, Rostov, Oct 1st-2nd, 2009 “The 9Fields Model – A Model for Effective Conflict Management”, Paper presented at the ACR Greater Chapter of New York Annual Conference, June 25th, 2009,

Fordham Law School “High Stakes on the High Seas: Society, Dispute Resolvers and the Somalian Piracy Crisis”, ACR New York, Annual Membership Meeting, May 30th, 2009 SIETAR Global Conference, Granada Spain, Title of Workshop: „From Crossbows to Wodka – Designing Conflict Resolution Systems and the Russian Context“,, Oct. 2008

Equal Opportunities International, 1st Annual Conference, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK, Chair of the Doctoral Colloqium,, July 2008

„Gender Diversity Changes Organizations“, DiVersion – Managing Gender & Diversity, Universität Dortmund, Dortmund 22-23 June 2007, Title: „Diversity as a Discipline – Managing Hybrid Cultures in Organizations“

“Comparative Cultural Studies and Central and East European Studies”, American Hungarian Educators Association St John’s University Manhattan, Campus, New York, 19-21 April 2007, Title: „The Rationale of Minority Rights and the Strengthening of Interaction between Minorities in Contemporary Hungary“

SIETAR Europa, 16th Annual SIETAR Europa Congress 2007 in Sofia, Bulgaria, 25th-29th April 2007, “East, West, North, South Culture’s Impact on Economy, Religion, Ecology & Politics”, Title: “Negotiating the “Other” – Towards an Analysis and Theories of Interculturalism”

The 4th International Conference on Ethiopian Development Studies (ICEDS) THE CHALLENGES OF PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT IN ETHIOPIA & THE HORN OF AFRICA, August 3-5, 2007,, Title: “Human Rights in the NEPAD – Rights, Instruments, Players, Limits“

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